Our tires are built on an optimum combination of high quality compound, superlative design, unique construction with its zero maintenance characteristic ensures availability of tyre for service all the time with enhanced performance thus proving to be a perfect ally for terminal trailer application.

The cut/abrasion resistant tread in conjunction with the y-lug profile having high lug to void ratio and wider foot print ensure less and even wear thus providing extended life and further ensures absolute stability to the equipment while carrying ton load.

The low heat hysterisis characteristic achieved through superior compound and tread design ensure cooler running of tyres thus minimizing its wear and enhancing its life further.

The soft resilient layers impregnated in between the tread and the base layers cushions the load and equipment while running on uneven surfaces taking care of every vital equipment assembly spare thus reducing the maintenance cost.

The high durometer hard base ensures firm interference fitment of tyres onto the rims thus eliminating any service related problems.  

Features of Slick or Smooth profile 

Slick tyres built on an optimum combination of high quality compound, superior processing techniques, unique construction & design features ensure superlative performance and long life of the tyre in tough applications like port trailers.

Superior compound & design profile ensures low rolling resistance characteristic a key factor in determining the optimum performance of a tyre in heavy duty/free rolling applications like port trailers.

Wider foot print design ensures exceptional stability of the equipment while carrying heavy load like loaded containers.

Wider contact profile guarantees extended life because of lesser workload at any specific point in the tread region resulting in lower wear compared to conventional tyre.

The Abrasion –cut resistant compound in the PLAIN tread region ensures even wear of tyres since less prone to damages like chipping & chunking in strenuous work conditions.

The reinforced base ensures firm grip of tyres onto the rims thus eliminating any spinning or service related problem throughout its life.  

RIB profile     

RIB Pattern which is the most popular used worldwide in tyres finding its application in free rolling equipment like baggage trolley, pallet trolley etc., because of its low rolling resistance characteristic that results in substantially low energy consumption for the prime mover.

ForkLift.ie offers a comprehensive range of speciality tyres to meet the requirements of diverse operating conditions.

Non Marking

Non-Marking tyres otherwise called as white tyres are special compound product generally used in clean floor surface conditions like in pharmaceutical, food processing industry, etc. The White sidewall and tread compound totally eliminate black driving and any braking marks caused by tyre wear contributing to cleaner working environment. The Performance characteristics of a non-marking tyre are the same as their black counter parts in terms of good traction, low rolling resistance, low heat build-up, optimum tread life and high load carrying capacity. Non-marking tyres do not possess anti-static properties and hence earthing straps have to be fitted while operating in explosive or inflammable environment. Non-marking tyres are available in both resilient and press-on band versions covering the entire range of sizes. 

Heat Resistant Tyres 

Heat resistant tyres are used in applications working in high ambient environment like foundries and smelters. The normal tyre can withstand an ambient temperature of 45 degree c whereas the heat resistant tyre can function well up to 90 degree c ensuring optimum life. 

Cut Resistant Tyres 

Idle for bottling plants , glass factories, iron & steel plant applications where tyre are prone to cut damages due to sharp edged objects like glass pieces, iron scraps etc. 

Anti Skid Tyres 

Offer excellent traction and grip while running on inclined surface conditions like access ramp. 

Oil Resistant Tyres  

Oil resistant tyres are meant for oily surfaces like petrochemicals, refineries, edible oil, engineering plants etc. Oil resistant compound resist absorption of oil, thus eliminating service related problems in the tread portion. 

Aqua Grip Tyres  

These tyre offer excellent traction while operating in wet, snowy & slippery surface conditions. 

Anti Abrasive Tyres 

Anti abrasive tyre are meant for uneven / ribbed floor conditions like concrete surface where tyre wear rate is generally very high.  

Anti-Static Tyres 

These electrically conducting tyres are used in high risk operating environments like explosive areas where there is high risk of fire or explosion.